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Scared about acting on things with crush

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baggysoobs Tue 20-Dec-16 19:02:34

After quite a long time single and dating online,someone in real life (definitely single) is interested in me. He has asked me out several times and I have let him know I am also interested but a bit worried. mainly this is that due to him being a leader in one of my dc's activities I see him x2 per week. As my dc love the activity and has friends from school doing it to, I do not want to risk things getting awkward. On the other hand I am very attracted to him. But not sure we have a lot in common really so couldn't see anything lasting. Also not really sure if he is just after one thing as when said not sure when I could get a baby sitter he was angling to come round to mine. What do you wise mnetters think is best? Don't want to make a fool of myself, but also don't want to hold.myself back so much that I never take any risks. Aargh!

TheNaze73 Tue 20-Dec-16 19:13:20

Working on the basis, that my children come first, I wouldn't act upon this

neverumind Tue 20-Dec-16 19:14:02

You're thinking too much about it! On the face of it he sounds like a nice normal person you're attracted to why not give it a go

MotherTeresasCat Tue 20-Dec-16 19:15:52

Ok, so how would you feel if he was just 'after one thing'. If you're really attracted to him perhaps you'd like to have sex with him? There are no guarantees as to how things might develop in any relationship - either one of you might grow to have stronger feelings or decide that actually you don't want to take it further.

My main worry would be the ethics around him getting together with a parent if he leads your childs activity? Could this be an issue?

lovelearning Tue 20-Dec-16 19:25:25

He has asked me out several times

baggysoobs, he likes you.blush

Here's how to play it:

1. Don't contact him; let him contact you.

2. When he does contact you, don't be shy. He needs to know that you like him too!

3. Get to know each other first.wink

baggysoobs, best

baggysoobs Tue 20-Dec-16 19:32:19

Thanks all. The varied answers are exactly my quandry!
He is not very chatty but I have been trying to start conversation. Think will stick to going out for drink as think if he came here it would end up with little chat!
I feel very teenage but have not actually been this attracted to someone in a long time as normally fall for people by getting to know them/having some kind of emotional connection.

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