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MIL tight fisted or what?

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17Tedworth Tue 20-Dec-16 18:58:08

Well my MIL gave us our Xmas gifts unwrapped today. My 1&2 year old children were given nothing. My husband a large bag of dried apricots and myself a flimsy black neck roll/ scarf ( will go straight to charity).. am I being ungrateful or is she being tight fisted.. its not like they are living on breadline.. thought please

BackforGood Wed 21-Dec-16 00:40:51

Does seem unusual.
What has happened in previous years? Is this out of character ? In which case may be a sign of confusion. If it's typical, then what does your dh say? Is that a traditional sort of gift in his experience? What have you had from them in previous years ?

Out2pasture Wed 21-Dec-16 00:48:42

early dementia?

17Tedworth Wed 21-Dec-16 09:47:55

Last year 2 year old got £10. I wouldn't mind but MIL got her other son a nutri bullet! DH says it's ok it's a gift, pains him to admit it's crap! I had told him to tell her not to bother getting us anything, as it's been same sort of rubbish previously, but he says we should just let her get us such gifts! I have never known anything like this! It's caused conflict between me andDH!

BackforGood Wed 21-Dec-16 18:40:54

Not sure why it needs to cause conflict or such angst from you - just treat it as an eccentricity of hers and worry no more about it.

AmberEars Wed 21-Dec-16 18:43:35

My PIL are v tight with presents despite not being short of money. It's not something that needs to cause conflict between you and DH - it's not his fault!

17Tedworth Wed 21-Dec-16 18:54:59

Well we could have avoided this situation had he told her not to bother with adults or just admit they r crap lol! I mean what about the grandkids they don't want for anything true but they don't have any other young grandchildren!

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