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Just another moan

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HarHer Mon 19-Dec-16 12:58:43


I started this message, but it disappeared, so I apologise if there is a duplication.
Basically, I am finding it really difficult to cope with the fact that our family may/will not reunite. My son is due to leave the CAMHS unit, where he has stayed for the lat five months, in January. He will go to live with a carer. I really hope it works out for him, but I am worried because he has no activities and no friends and I do not know how the carer will cope with an autistic teenager (he is 17.5) with no structured time. However, I am also deeply unhappy that he will not be returning to my care (although I understand why)

My husband and I have lived separately for 16 months and now he is looking for separate accommodation (currently he lodges with a friend). I know he is not perfect, but I just see him becoming more isolated, lonely and confused.

My 15 year old, with whom I live, desperately wants the family to reunite. he cannot understand why his Dad and brother live away. I think I share his dream , but I am more aware of the reasons why things have turned out this way.

It could just be that Christmas is making me feel the break up of the family more acutely.

Anyway, thank you for reading

user1471530515 Mon 19-Dec-16 19:51:14

Hiya. I've been thinking about recently- and how things have gone . Xmas is a tough time of year .. Very reflective .. PM me if you'd like .

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