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Practical advice about leavin please

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anyname123 Sun 18-Dec-16 10:53:25

Hello, I've posted before about DP drinking too much, generally being an arse, and now I want to get my house in order, with a view to leaving in Jan. He won't object as he is clearly as unhappy as I am. What I'm a bit stuck on is the practicalities.
We have a 2m/o child, and I'm on mate leave. I can stay with relatives initally, but for various reasons this wouldn't work long term. The house is his, I have no claim to it. What will I be entitled to, help wise? I've tried the calculator online, but I think it's skewed as it's based on my last year's earnings, which have obviously reduced as I'm on mat leave.
My salary is 32k, but I'd like to go back 3 days a week and earn ad hoc from weekend shifts when I have free childcare (I work in health care so this is realsitic). Rents where I live are cheap, probably 500 a month for a 2 bed.
Aside from the finances what do I need to consider about being a single patent? Is there anything I need to do now to get prepared?
Any help is genuinely appreciated.

ALaughAMinute Sun 18-Dec-16 12:01:09

The CAB are probably the best place to advise you. Defininley worth a trip I would say.

I'm glad you have relatives that can support you. flowers

anyname123 Mon 19-Dec-16 10:45:06

Thanks Laugh. As well as the finances I'm just wondering if anyone can give me brutally honest advice on being a single parent, the highs and lows, especially with a baby so small.
My relationship isn't completely horrific, just very disappointing and frustrating, if I can't cut it as a single parent I may be better staying put

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