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How to cope with the guilt of wanting to seperate

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ifeeltheneedtheneedforspeed Thu 15-Dec-16 21:37:45

Just that really. I'm 80% sure I want to separate from my husband next year for numerous reasons but I'm very sensitive (so is he ) and I think the guilt will get the better of me and I will back out again. How do you cope knowing you have utterly ripped their world apart and they are so upset.

worldsworstchildren Thu 15-Dec-16 21:42:56

I know how you feel as I'm thinking the same thing. Can't see a way forward.

ifeeltheneedtheneedforspeed Thu 15-Dec-16 21:48:59

Do you have children too worldsworst ? We have a toddler and I just don't know where to begin with it all, seems so daunting.

ifeeltheneedtheneedforspeed Fri 16-Dec-16 08:33:22

Anyone have advice?

Whathappensnowthen Fri 16-Dec-16 08:50:18

I have told my husband I want to separate. He is constantly telling me I am ruining his world and that of all our young children. I say that all the arguments etc are not good for the children to witness, he says we should just go to marriage counseling. Which I will probably end up doing even though I already know what I want to do. So no advice I'm afraid, but in a similar boat.

worldsworstchildren Fri 16-Dec-16 15:53:44

Sorry I feel phone ran out last night and I'm only just returning to MN. Didn't mean to leave you hanging

Yes we have 2 DC together who are primary age and both have older children from earlier Ltr.

Just bickering about silly things but constantly. To the point that anything he says gets on my nerves which really isn't his fault. He knows we're in trouble but wouldn't for a minute think I was Considering leaving.

Msqueen33 Fri 16-Dec-16 15:55:25

I'm in the same boat. Three kids. We don't argue but I feel he's not invested in the kids and their medical needs. I also feel like he doesn't really care much about me.

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