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Does semen smell?

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SaucyMoo Thu 15-Feb-07 22:18:30

Not sure if i should have posted this in the mens room best friend asked me this today and i have no idea! i have never noticed any smell in my (very limited) experience...she said it does....if so what does it smell of..what is it supposed to smell of

expatinscotland Thu 15-Feb-07 22:19:41

FGS, it's a waning moon!

quadrophenia Thu 15-Feb-07 22:21:13

there is a pollen type smell of a certain bush which is very similar i remember walking past a smelly bush once and gagging (no really)

donnie Thu 15-Feb-07 22:21:36

it smells of rice pudding and indeed tastes of it too. WTF don't you know that????

green green grass in sight.....

Beauregard Thu 15-Feb-07 22:21:52

Sniff some and see.

lulumama Thu 15-Feb-07 22:22:29

snooooooort at donnie

i will have you know, my rice pudding is far tastier than that !

smoggie Thu 15-Feb-07 22:23:56

it does, and one of our new cupboards in our kitchen smells distinctly of it - of course it is now lovingly referred to as the 'gis' cupboard by dh

Winestein Thu 15-Feb-07 22:24:01

Lulu... don't let it go to your head.
ANYONES rice pudding is better than that. Even Neil out of the Young Ones

donnie Thu 15-Feb-07 22:24:29

I think maybe I need to get my Delia book out ....!

BuffysMum Thu 15-Feb-07 22:25:22

yes it does and I think it smells horrid!

crispyduck Thu 15-Feb-07 22:26:16

What does it smell of?

SaucyMoo Thu 15-Feb-07 22:27:03

oh my god, thats so weird, how can i never have noticed! i will def take a sniff as soon as i can get my hands on dh...ok his does not taste of rice pudding it tastes of salt!

lulumama Thu 15-Feb-07 22:27:21

<<weeeeping with laughter...>>>

gis cupboard

Oh my goodness... ROFL!!

donnie Thu 15-Feb-07 22:27:23

it smells of crispyduck....

donnie Thu 15-Feb-07 22:27:53

but I always lace my rice pud with salt - doesn't everyone?

lulumama Thu 15-Feb-07 22:28:33

stop it, my pelvic floor won;t take this much hysteria!

SaucyMoo Thu 15-Feb-07 22:28:43

I dont think ill ever be able to look at rice pudding in the same way..........

Aimsmum Thu 15-Feb-07 22:28:44

Message withdrawn

donnie Thu 15-Feb-07 22:29:44

those ambrosia cows have a lot to asnwer for!!

smoggie Thu 15-Feb-07 22:31:17

quadrophenia - I'd noticed the pollen smell too, tends to be in v grassy riverbanks/woods etc. Eughh

lulumama - unfortunately it's in the cupboard with the glasses so is opened quite often...needless to say our quaint nickname is never used in public!! I dread to think what some apprentice joiner was potentially up to whist making it. God, please no, make it a sheer coincidence and it's just the natural aroma of the wood.

expatinscotland Thu 15-Feb-07 22:32:17

I knew a bloke who drank a lot of coffee.

And in one drunken moment, his girlfriend told me that he tasted like coffee.

All of him.

I nearly boaked my chai tea!

BuffysMum Thu 15-Feb-07 22:33:12

mmmmm it smells of semen????????

bellarosa Thu 15-Feb-07 22:33:27

alfalfa or sprouts smell of it in my op!

donnie Thu 15-Feb-07 22:33:52

my dh eats loads of rice pudding - that explains it!!!!

thanks goodness it's clear to me now.

chocolatekimmy Thu 15-Feb-07 22:34:48

Slight bleachy aroma to me

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