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Just discovered DW has been cheating on me

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SleepingTiger Wed 30-Nov-16 19:00:05

All I said a few weeks ago was I prefer healthier food to chocolate these days. Of course, DW thinks I am talking out of my American ass.

Go to have one of my Ferrero Rocher's and they have all been eaten and replaced with mini falafels, carefully wrapped back up in the gold foil.

What would you do?

Patriciathestripper1 Wed 30-Nov-16 19:02:27

Give them to her for Christmas wrapped in a big bow grin

SleepingTiger Wed 30-Nov-16 19:03:36

That's assuming she makes it to Christmas Patricia.

amysmummy12345 Wed 30-Nov-16 19:05:25

This means war.... Pranking of the highest level is in order grin

FetchezLaVache Wed 30-Nov-16 19:07:26

Your DW is a genius!! grin

wherearemymarbles Wed 30-Nov-16 21:54:54

She sounds fab. I'll take her, and swap you mine.

She is also good a moving furniture and painting the house so i'll want paying. I am very partial to mini twiz and charbonel champagne truffles smile

Noctilucent Wed 30-Nov-16 21:55:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SleepingTiger Wed 30-Nov-16 22:01:23

Yes Marbles but sadly mine developed the house, organised the builders, painted it, designed, bought the furniture, installed it, painted the house again, mixed the concrete herself, laid the floor in the outbuildings, then went and bought a dress in the knock down sale for £10 and looks a million dollars in it.

So not for sale or swapping.

But I will swap you my, ahem, Ferrari Rochels, for your Charbonel's?

SleepingTiger Wed 30-Nov-16 22:02:28

Whoa......just realised what you meant!

You're swingers aren't you...! shock

Ineedmorelemonpledge Wed 30-Nov-16 22:17:31

Stay sweet and calm for 24 more days...and then present chocolate covered Brüssel sprouts on the 25th. Disguised as a box Dairy milk.

The piece of paper with the flavour assortment printed on it should be swapped for Divorce papers...

Practise your cockney accent and upon opening the chocs shout..."I'm leaving yer, you caaaaaahhhhh!

Cue Eastenders theme...

Tenshidarkangel Thu 01-Dec-16 09:32:33

This is brilliant.

Totally agree with pp on the sprouts in chocolate.

I would also look at joke divorce papers on the grounds of chocolate hording and swapping. A nice pre Christmas present.

wherearemymarbles Thu 01-Dec-16 09:53:09

Now idea where you got the swinging reference from!!

Of course the absolute best revenge would be to buy her American chocolate... smile

throughgrittedteeth Thu 01-Dec-16 13:08:38

This has cracked me up today. fgrin

Allthebestnamesareused Thu 01-Dec-16 13:13:45

Of course the absolute best revenge would be to buy her American chocolate...

This ^^^^^^
grin grin grin

Tenshidarkangel Thu 01-Dec-16 14:15:33


And Idea for next year...
Sprout Advent Calendar

FleshEmoji Thu 01-Dec-16 15:05:58

Get these. Suggest re-packaging so the fact there are 6 nasty ones is not apparent until tasting.

SleepingTiger Thu 01-Dec-16 20:21:12

So, this weekend my options for revenge are;

1. Replace the falafels with proper Ferrero Rocher's enjoy them in front of her and pretend it never happened and see how she reacts. I can be a good actor when I want to be smile .

2. Say "Hey, a new healthy type of confectionary" bite into one and collapse on the floor convulsing, pretending I am allergic to chick peas.

3. Get my friend, a solicitor, to pen a letter on their letterhead dated tomorrow defining "Unreasonable Behaviour" as per some Matrimonial Act citing some fake Cases dealing with such pranks, and leave the letter lying around on the kitchen side tomorrow night. Said friend would even pop round for a drink at 7pm which would add to the authentication.

Votes please !!! fgrin

OnePlanOnHouzz Thu 01-Dec-16 20:47:34

I vote no.1

SweetChickadee Thu 01-Dec-16 20:50:36


deffo grin

dementedma Thu 01-Dec-16 20:54:05


amysmummy12345 Thu 01-Dec-16 21:06:34

2! Video though or it didn't happen 😁

SleepingTiger Thu 01-Dec-16 21:21:09

First one to 10 votes gets it.
Promise I will come back and post over the weekend, but no video. That would be too identifying how do I do that and upload that I am no geek just a dinosaur

Jiggl Thu 01-Dec-16 21:29:12

Send her a Janet and Roy christmas card?

Or 3. I like elaborate pranks. I've a great one lined up for my mum.

PebbleTTC Thu 01-Dec-16 21:32:19


Itssosunny Thu 01-Dec-16 21:44:16

Vote 1. I would also offer some to her and watch her face. grin

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