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Cant move on with my life

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mylifeisamystery Mon 28-Nov-16 12:22:18

Was with ex for 16 yrs - had a lot of fun times over the years and generally got on very well, the last few years were not so good a lot of pressure on both sides, I did something unforgivable and thought we should split because of it, didn't think he would ever forgive me, never gave him chance really.
He's moved on and I'm happy for him, but it does pain me, esp as we have a DD together. I've moved on but not 100% happy, don't know why just a niggling feeling, as I know I deserve all I got.
Its been 2 years surely I should stop feeling this way?

squaresnotcircles Mon 28-Nov-16 13:09:19

Give yourself permission to move on and then do so.

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