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My mum told me to piss off

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user1479842180 Sun 27-Nov-16 07:54:00

I'm 21 with my own family (twin daughters who are a year old) so obviously they're my priority.
Ever since I was about 10 or 11 I've been stuck in between my parents arguing, they both always bitched to me about their problems. I was living with them then so I went along with it but my mum recently tried getting me involved in it again over something as stupid as my dad not taking her away for her birthday! She sent me a message saying that she's going away for the night and started telling me about their arguinment, I simply told her that I'm not getting involved, I'm not their to be the middle man and they are both wrong, my dad for not listening to her (typical man) and my mum for over reacting about little things and she told me to piss off.
I don't know how to handle her when my daughters go to visit their grandad, do ignore her, wait for an apology or simply just be civil enough to be in the same room but not make the effort to take my children's to see her (she makes no effort on her part to come over to my house to see them)
Any advise of how to deal with this would be appreciated, it's really hurt me that she seems to just be pushing me away to get my dads attention!

jeaux90 Sun 27-Nov-16 07:58:10

Just be civil. It's the only way not to wind yourself up over it. Your other alternative is to sit them both down and tell them how you feel I guess which risks a bigger rift and more arguments. I had a blazing row with my nephew (over text) a few months ago but I was just really civil to him when he was here with the rest of the family the other weekend, I can't be bothered holding a grudge quite honestly and I think he was relieved because he was in the wrong. I knew it, he knew it so I chose not to call it out xxx

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