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How to get life in order?

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Unrequitedlove Sat 26-Nov-16 10:16:09

Just that really.
Split with exh in 2009, since then I've had 2 relationships which didn't work.
I live in the same house, have the same job and don't seem to have made a life for myself. I do have friends but no group of friends, I've taken up a new hobby - that's it! Self esteem quite low following recent split.
I want to make a plan although don't know what to plan?! Help?

SpecialFlowSnake Sat 26-Nov-16 19:13:36

Start small.
Meditate on what you really want.
Figure out a reward system for each step towards your goals.
Have some indulgent goals like go to the cinema once a month or learn to make your favourite dessert as well as the self-improvement type of lose weight / cut down drinking.
Think of this as a time of opportunity! What would be your ideal version of Eat Pray Love?

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