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Grief stages

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Mermaidinthesea Fri 25-Nov-16 20:49:58's been around 2 months since my husband left me and my life is pretty much sorted already, I have my home, a great job, wonderful friends, hobbies. It's all coming together so I can't complain.
However I still want to kill him with a baseball bat full of nails if it was legal.
How long does this anger stage's getting a bit tedious and I want to move on ....after murdering him in imaginative ways.
Yeah he did the dirty on me but I know I'm better off without him so why do I still feel so angry and when will it stop?

jeaux90 Fri 25-Nov-16 21:01:45

Sorry mermaid. But it just eases over time. I know how you feel. I would have given anything for 5 minutes of lawlessness and a baseball bat at one point but now I couldn't give a monkeys ass. By the way just do what you are doing, enjoy your new life and one day you will realise the anger has completely gone. Big hug xxx

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