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Do you ever feel guilty for just wanting 20 minutes to yourself

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user1479050721 Fri 25-Nov-16 17:24:33


Not sure where to post. Just need to vent as I'm having a bad day, well not really bad just a normal typical parent day.

My nearly two year old is going through a phase just now where shes up at 6am, cries bloody murder when I try to get her to nap (which doesn't happen) and then is just clingy all day.

I love her to bits but would just like 10 minutes to myself. Its taking ages to type this as she wont give me peace.

Its so you ever find yourself nearly crying thinking I just want to clean the floors lol!

I'm not looking for anyone to tell me this is normal I know it is, I know it is.

I am mid 30's, this is my first child. I just worry when I get these we moments that I feel like how is it possible to have another child.

I thought I was doing ok. I work 3 x 5hr shifts a week. During that time my Mother and MIL look after my little one. I really appreciate that they do this and I never want to take them for granted. There is the odd occasion I need them to help me out if I have an appointment or decorating or something. They are always great about it and love to have my daughter but my mil announced the other day to my husbands family that we struggle with one child..............that was a confidence booster.

StealthPolarBear Fri 25-Nov-16 17:29:10

Where is your partner in all this? It is normal to want ten mins (and more!)

NoFuckingRoomOnMyBroom Fri 25-Nov-16 17:46:45

Absolutely. I've recently started counselling & my counsellor has recognised this as an issue, she has stated that at least twice a week I must sit down with a cuppa & a book (as reading is a enjoyable pastime for me) & spend a minimum of 30 minutes doing this.
It's important to take some me time as a mum, if you have a bit of a re-charge dealing with life/everyday stuff is easier & less overwhelming.

Myusernameismyusername Fri 25-Nov-16 17:58:07

I usually feel like this by about Thursday. What I would like is to be able to clean an empty house not one full of noise and people making more mess!

mscongeniality Fri 25-Nov-16 18:21:11

Only 10? I need at least a couple of hours for myself a day. This usually happens once my DH gets home from work and also when we put him to bed. Do you have any area where you could let your DD play perhaps with a baby gate while you do chores? That's what I do with mine in the mornings.

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