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Stuck in regrets, how to move on?

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RedYellowPinkandGreen Fri 25-Nov-16 07:48:06

How much have others struggled to move on? How long did you flounder post break up?

It's been 4 months now since I left. I cannot get myself out of a relentless cycle of thinking it was mistake, rationalising that it wasn't, then back to same thought. I have counselling and it always seems so clear each week but this week within a couple of hours I'd lost the clarity.

I've started divorce proceedings because at times I'm so sure - and maybe it will help me to move on?

I feel I'm at the stage where I'm not helping myself. I'm quite worn out. (Sleep deprived and headachey). It feels like such a huge waste of effort to pluck up the courage to leave and then mope constantly.

How did other do it?

messeduptotally Fri 25-Nov-16 08:40:23

Dont have regrets theres a reason why you decided to leave, keep thinking of the bad times.
I was straight headed on a mission when I split there was a lot to sort out, it wasn't until all that died down after a year when it hit me and its taken another 6 - 8 months to settle down. I'm still incredibly sad about it all but unfortunately life goes on.
You now need to focus on you and make life what you want it to be

RedYellowPinkandGreen Fri 25-Nov-16 11:57:35

Thanks messedup. Yep life goes on. I need to draw some sort of line under the going back idea. I know it would be a mistake. It's difficult as stbxh thinks it's all a huge mistake. I might try and think about Christmas this weekend. Busy my mind. Yes I can make the future entirely different if I try.

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