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Why do some people try so hard to faciltate contact with NRP?!

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ohwhatsinausername Wed 23-Nov-16 21:47:16

Guess I'm just in one of my thinking moods again...and I just can't find an explanation for it!

Why do I feel the need to make sure ExP sees his children?!

If I hadn't have suggested something tonight (not that he has responded!) it will be two weeks between seeing his of which is only a 6 month old baby...

I guess I just can't find a way of moving on from this feeling! We split up a year ago when I was pregnant for him being unsupportive so really the clue was right there...

And I know two weeks may not seem like a long time, when there are shittier people out there who go years or even don't bother to see their kids at all...but I couldn't physically be apart from my kids for so long!!

Not without trying to snatch a moment with them, here or there - even if it was only half an hour, I'd find the time!

Yet I feel like it's my responsibility to remind him and make suggestions to him on ways he can see his kids...when the reality is, he hasn't even asked how they are?

So why do we bother? I'm seriously questioning why I try and what damage this is actually gonna cause, if any, later on?!

He kicked up a fuss because at first, I wouldn't let the baby stay overnight, then when I moved 20 minutes away...I've been threatened with court and allsorts of silly stuff...

But now he has the opportunity to have them, it seems he couldn't care less. Seemingly, he has other things to think about but what can possibly be more important than your children to not want to see them for two whole weeks?!

And I know that makes him shit, that's obvious...but what I want to understand is why do I do it?! Why do I feel it falls down to me all the time? I don't even understand my motives anymore!

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