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Struggling on my own

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Rinoachicken Wed 23-Nov-16 09:42:28

Everyone keeps telling me how well I'm coping, how well I'm doing with the kids, how brave I've been/am being.

But I feel so alone and like I'm only barely holding it all together. indont even know why I'm posting this TBH.

hellsbellsmelons Wed 23-Nov-16 09:45:21

Because you want some support!
Are you getting some RL support?
Are family and friends chipping in to help and take you out and keep you busy?
I've no doubt you are going through some serious shit right now.
It's hard but as people around you are seeing, you are doing well.
Keep on keeping on (KOKO).
You will come out the other side.

If you want to tell us what's going on then please go ahead, we are here to listen to you.

Tryingmybest4them Wed 23-Nov-16 09:45:29

I know the feeling, you are not alone!
How long have you been single for?

Rinoachicken Wed 23-Nov-16 11:29:37

I've been single since my husband was arrested in August for DV.

My family live at the other end of the country. On have few friends and although they keep telling me to ask them for help, the times when I have they've been too busy so I've stopped asking. I'm not good at asking for help, I feel like a nuisance.

All the organisations that I have been put in touch with, they are all very kind, but they just tell me how well I'm doing. I know they are trying to make me feel better, but I don't feel like they are listening when I'm trying to tell them emotionally I'm NOT doing well.

nicenewdusters Wed 23-Nov-16 11:35:34

That sounds really tough OP. But you can still be doing well even if inside it's so hard. A school mum in a really tough position said to me the other day she felt like she was pretending to be an adult. I said I think most of us pretend, and look around to see where the real ones are !

hellsbellsmelons Wed 23-Nov-16 11:37:44

Have you seen your GP?
If not then please do so.
They can help with some medication if necessary or refer you for counselling.
If you have some local support from DV services, please call them again and make your voice heard!
You need their support so you will need to get that across to them.

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