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Horrible evidence

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Avpixie27 Sat 19-Nov-16 21:23:29

So my partner dumped me just under a month ago saying he hadnt wanted this life and that was that. Since then i left the house that was under a joint mortgage and stayed at my mums with our 1 year old. Every time he picks him up he asks if im seeing someone and then this week asked when id be collecting the rest of my stuff. Today was arranged so i went there and while bringing the stuff from the bedroom out i found empty condom wrappers and my friend then found out he was on tinder even though he told me "i only went on there once to check a conversation between someone". I expected him to have girls on the go sooner than later but the fact my clothes were in the room and my sons toys were around. It just made me sick

Underthemoonlight Sat 19-Nov-16 21:29:00

He is a prized prick my ex DS DF was the same the bed wasn't even cold before he came out with ow he was only a baby. Don't be surprised if he comes back with his tail inbetween his legs begging for another chance.

dirtywindows Sat 19-Nov-16 21:29:43

He sounds immature and you're well rid! At least he's still seeing his son so maybe not a complete loser. Forget him and find yourself a real man.

Sassypants82 Sat 19-Nov-16 21:29:59

What a fucking peach he is. I know it doesn't feel like it but you're so much better off. Best of luck.

Bagpuss1971 Sat 19-Nov-16 21:31:02

That's terrible. Sorry to hear that. Sounds like a total arsehole.

Thisismethisisyou Sat 19-Nov-16 21:33:23

Just don't let it bother you smile be the bigger person and take care of yourself and baba forget that loser x

livvylongpants Sat 19-Nov-16 21:34:08

If it's under a joint mortgage surely you and baby should keep the house

SaltyBitch Sat 19-Nov-16 21:34:47

If he's asking about your dating life, he's obviously just on the rebound with Tinder.

I wouldn't worry about it too much. He's just a small man in search of an ego boost. Pitiful really.

baconandeggies Sat 19-Nov-16 21:39:24

How has he chucked you out of your legally owned home?

Chloeneedshelp Sat 19-Nov-16 21:39:30

Doesn't realise what he's got - until it's gone! All those nice nights in as a family. Gone. Wait until he gets lonely, then he'll realise. Sounds to me like you've had a lucky escape. He's being selfish and putting himself first.

AlabasterSnowball Sat 19-Nov-16 21:43:36

Aw poor lad, he doesn't know what he wants does he?
Sounds like hes going to waste a lot of his life chasing something he'll never get and losing everything he could have had in the mean time.
Lucky you for getting out of it.

Avpixie27 Sat 19-Nov-16 22:23:29

He didnt chuck me out to clarify. I feel happier and more supported at my parents home and they welcomed us with open arms, my mum watches my son while i work so i dont have to waste money on childcare. And i wouldnt be able to fund the mortgage alone as im only part time. Plus we have only owned the house for 6 months so id rather just get my name off it and move on. I just felt sick seeing he would do that in our bed (that i bought) and with my things there. Couldnt even wait a week from me telling him i was moving it

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