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Misshewer Sat 19-Nov-16 10:46:49

i have 2 children not by my current partner. We've been together for 3 years on and of. Now im going to sound really childish when i bring up what i am but we sometimes argue over stupid things say our dog etc just stupid things that isnt really nec. We've broke up and got back together about 3 times now maybe 4. I do love him obv and i just cant deal with the petty arguments anymore its just stupid we've recently broke up for 2 weeks and got back together on the 15th of Nov which was our 3 year aniv. When we met our relationship was rushed we were together everyday since the day we went to a rave (i no lol). He came around the other night and mentioned that he doesn't see us buying a house in the future.. Now i tend to live in the present not the future so I've not really thought about that i am in no way ready to buy a house having a 16 hour job he works full time! And i don't really feel he is ready to buy a house either including he is in debt from being a rascol at a younger age. What does he mean by this? Does he mean he doesn't see a future or what? I find it really hard to understand him sometimes please help sad

TheNaze73 Sat 19-Nov-16 10:50:45

No, he means he's happy with things & you as they are. It's totally his prerogative however, if you're not on the same hymn sheet, you you should move on

CapsicumCat21 Sat 19-Nov-16 10:53:11

It doesn't really matter what he does it doesn't mean. This really isn't a healthy relationship at all. Constant arguing over petty things. Constantly breaking up and getting together again and 2 kids in the middle of all this??!!!

You need to make a clean break and concentrate on your children for awhile. It can't be a pleasant atmosphere for them in your home at all.

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