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Relationships and ASD

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VampyreQueen Thu 17-Nov-16 13:17:07

My partner has recently been diagnosed with ASD (Aspergers) and I was wondering if anyone had any advice/tips/coping strategies?

He particularly struggles with planning, managing money and thinking ahead (so putting money aside for petrol or forgetting to do a food shop). I try and manage the bulk of the budgeting/planning but confess that I find it difficult. (Partially because I'm not exactly brilliant at it myself!)

Any advice would be appreciated

confused114 Thu 17-Nov-16 14:57:59

I can't help as having a partner with asd but I do have a son with asd. Have you reached out to any charities that may be of some support? That national autistic society as amazing and you will no doubt find slot of help/advice on there if you haven't already. Also, if you are on fb, there is so many groups on there you can join - most are private so anything you post won't be seen by your fb friends. Good luck to you and your partner :-) x

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