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sugaredplumfox Wed 16-Nov-16 16:50:57

Have name changed as I mostly post on light-hearted threads

Long story short I split up with my long term boyfriend (5 years) and it was absolutely the right decision. He was an alcoholic and at times verbally abusive bordering on the physical. This was not the whole of our relationship however

I know I'm an idiot but I really bloody miss the good stuff. I'm not considering going back but I just constantly feel upset and its been 6 months since

Am I ever going to feel better? I keep trying to meet new people but nobody seems interested

Just feel awful 24/7 and I lie in bed at night crying because I miss having someone to share my life with.

RedYellowPinkandGreen Wed 16-Nov-16 17:57:00

Op sorry you are feeling so sad. That sounds like a difficult relationship to move on from, and you have been strong to make a tough decision. Well done its not easy to leave. Do you have anyone to talk to? Six months isn't long but it may be worth talking to your GP as well to help think about how you are coping.

I understand missing the good stuff. I think with time it's easy to forget how bad things were. I think it's normal to miss someone even when the relationship wasn't working and leaving was right. flowers

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