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Would you contact someone you know if interested?

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user09854784368 Tue 15-Nov-16 14:21:29

So someone I know ( from school) has popped up on tinder, know he is single as also friends on Facebook with him.

Kind of feel awkward liking him on tinder, cause there is no guarantee he will like me back (he may not be interested or so feel strange doing so)

So thought maybe I should message him through Facebook but if I do what route do I go down, the hi saw you on tinder to how you finding it?? Or just a friendly hi how's you etc long time no see?

Obviously I don't want to be contacting him screaming out I'm single and I'm interested would rather just s friendly chat and see if he appears to be interested

Really have nothing to go on weather he maybe be interested except the face he always like any pictures of me.


rightknockered Tue 15-Nov-16 14:26:24

You could just swipe right, he'll never know you did, unless he does the same. And if he always likes pictures of you, that's a positive.

confused114 Tue 15-Nov-16 14:29:27

Message as you've got nothing to lose. Have you liked him on tinder when you've seen him? I would make sure you do, even if he doesn't press like back.

Could you maybe comment on something he posts on fb? See if he comments back? That's what I used to do, then just start messaging that way. If he likes your pics on facebook, he's single and on tinder then I defo think you need to message him if you like him :-) it's one of those situations where you might kick yourself if you don't x

Vagabond Tue 15-Nov-16 14:32:01

I think you should send him a friendly message on Facebook rather than go down the Tinder route. He might feel embarrassed that you spotted him on Tinder so....seeing as you have an alternative means of contacting him (which is less 'lethal'), go for that route.

My ex-husband just got back together with his ex-wife (the one before me) via that route. I am very happy for him. People like common interests and shared connections and will be more likely to connect with you. On Tinder, you're competing with women who have all sorts of photoshopped pics etc.... and the atmosphere is just different.

Go for it!

TheNaze73 Tue 15-Nov-16 14:32:11

Just don't overthink it & message him!

confused114 Tue 15-Nov-16 14:38:57

And when you're on tinder, you tend to have the same conversations over and over again with different people, it can become boring. I bet if you messaged him, he would be excited by it as you already have a connection of going to school together, your already FB friends. You will probably find the conversation you have together is much better than the random ones you have on tinder with strangers, go for it and like pp said, don't over think it :-)

bluebell9 Tue 15-Nov-16 14:43:01

I would just stick to liking him on tinder. He'll never know you did it unless he does it too.
Back when I was single and on tinder I used to hate it when people I'd swiped no to then found me on FB and tried to start chatting. If I'd liked them, I would have swiped yes!

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