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Date #3... panic stations haha

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MakingMyWayThroughTown Sat 12-Nov-16 10:33:09

I'm having a bit of a wobble! I've been chatting to a guy I met online for months. We've had two dates but both were a few weeks ago because we both have crazy schedules at the minute and we couldn't find a time to meet up! So, tonight he's coming over for film & wine. It's date #3 and while we haven't really come out and said it, it's pretty obvious that it's going to turn into a 'sleepover'.
This is where I'm having my wobble. I'm 30, have one DD and have the 'mummy-body' to prove it (DD is away for the night). I'm normally pretty confident in myself, I lost 4 and a half stone and I've slimmed right down. But he's gorgeous! I mean... he's like a ken-doll!
What if he takes one look at my wobbly tummy and cellulite and runs for the hills? Or worse, what if I sleep with him and THEN he runs for the hills?
My gut says he isn't that type of guy but my over-active brain says it could still happen.
I'm well aware that I look a damn-sight better in clothes than I do out of them. hmm
Also, what the hell do you wear for a date in your own home?? confused
I probably can't wear my confidence boosting heels can I?
I'm aware that I'm rambling (sorry).

AhNurts Sat 12-Nov-16 10:41:34

Do dress up! You'll feel more confident which is the most attractive thing in the world. If you were going for a date out, you'd dress up so treat this the same way. Maybe heels might feel a bit silly in your own home but certainly put something on that makes you feel good.

I bet you look a damn sight better without clothes than you think you do. And I'll bet he'd agree. And don't you dare apologise for your body to him.

Good luck!

Bluntness100 Sat 12-Nov-16 10:44:50

Ah, he obviously fancies uou, so stop stressing, blokes don't really look at things like wobbly tummies or whatever. They are just too happy you're naked in the first place.

Wear something uou are comfortable in, skinnies, a nice top, good undies, maybe bare feet?

Ellisandra Sat 12-Nov-16 10:46:35

If you still want the confidence of those heels, and especially if you want to avoid there being an expectation of staying over, why not say "actually, I don't go out enough! Let's go for dinner at x place I've been wanting to try!"

I'm not saying you shouldn't have a date at home (I have...) but you don't have to.

I'm not suggesting it to avoid showing off your body, which I'm sure is fine and if he doesn't think so, he can fuck right off. But it's only date 3! You don't have to be having cosy nights in, you don't have to be having sex. If you're worried he might not see you again after - and that's a concern for you - then slow it down.

Good luck!

And totes wear your heels at home if you want to!

ShatnersWig Sat 12-Nov-16 10:54:07

Even if he does run for the hills afterwards, it doesn't necessarily mean he's been put off by your mummy body. It's perfectly possible for people to get on really well and then they go to bed and the spark doesn't ignite into something more. Or there is an incompatibility sexually.

As the majority of women have children, most marriages end in divorce but most of those then end up either remarried or another relationship, most men clearly don't have a problem with mummy body.

MakingMyWayThroughTown Sat 12-Nov-16 11:21:16

Thanks ladies. I know I'm probably being a bit dramatic but eeeeek I'm seriously nervous. And excited, I've been really looking forward to seeing him again.
Thanks for the advice RE what to wear. I'm going to raid my wardrobe after work hehe!

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