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Children inheriting parents' phobias

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iwantauser1234name Tue 08-Nov-16 23:48:19

I am emetophobic. I have tried to conceal my phobia from my toddler, so when she has vomited, I've tried to be brave and pretend it is not a big deal, so as not to pass on my anxiety. I have really tried very hard and been very present when she's been ill.

Well the other day, a baby possetted quite a lot all over me and she looked very scared and worried. She actually tried to run away. I again pretended it was no big deal, but the other toddler around at the time, did not care at all. It took a long time to convince her everything was okay.

So I am worried I have somehow made her emetophobic too.

Would your toddlers react to something like that? How can I undo it?

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