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my family don't care about me

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Juliejojo Tue 08-Nov-16 14:06:11

Hi just looking for some advice with my situation, so i moved about a half hour drive away from my family (mum, dad, 2 sisters). I moved here with my husband this is his home town. We now have 2 kids. He works 12 every week day. Since i moved here i feel so lonely and i feel like my family don't care about me. My mum makes a difference in my kids and my sisters kids. She watches their kids all the time but if i ever ask her to watch mine she comes up with every excuse going. I don't have anyone here i can ask, my husbands mum doesn't keep well so she's not able for the kids. I know i decided to have children and its not anyone else's responsibility to watch them but my husband and i would love jusr an odd nite to ourselfs to maybe go for a meal or something. My mum can be bitchy at times Sometimes when i go to visit her she'll make a point of telling me that my sister is buying a second house or my other sister paid "x" amount of money for something.she's always been very money orientated. She knows we're really struggling financially at the min. I lost my job last year then i got pregnant so haven't been able to get another job yet. My husband works full time so we're getting by on his wages. Im in the process of trying to set up a small business from home. If i bring my baby and my 6 year old son to her house she'll be all over the baby and will totally ignore my son (knowing this annoys me) she'll try to scold my son all the time which really annoys me cos i just think she has no right, she doesn't do anything for him so she has no right to chastise him. Sometimes i feel like because i have nothing to offer her anymore (money wise) she's not interested in me. I've never got on with my dad. He was emotionally abusive when we were growing up, both to me, my sisters and my mum. This has really affected me and as a result my self esteem is at zero! This holds me back when trying to make new friends, which is something that i would love to do in this area i live in. Then maybe i wouldn't have to rely on my family so much. My two sisters get on well with my dad, im the oldest so i remember more things than them. My sisters hardly bother with me either, its always me ringing them or arranging get togethers. They make plans all the time without consulting me or even asking if it suits me. For example i was in my mums yesterday and my sister announced they'd booked a table at the weekend for my mums 60th and it was at 6:00. My daughter doesn't go to bed till 7 so i wouldn't get down till after that and they know that. Id just like to be asked sometimes if their plans suit me but its as if my opinion don't matter. I've had all this out with my mum a few times but it just ends up with us falling out. She can't take any kind of criticism at all. Im thinking about just cutting my ties with the lot of them but when I've done that before im so loney here every day when my husbands at work and I've no where to go. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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