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Partner and his ex

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kirstylou Sun 06-Nov-16 14:43:15

A bit of background, I split up with my ex who I was with for almost 12 years, we have 4 children together. He has moved on which he told me about straight away.

I too started dating a guy I had dated previous to my ex who I had children with. The guy I started dating was expecting twins with his ex who when she found out she was pregnant told him that she didn't want a relationship with him. He supported her throughout the pregnancy when she would let him (she wanted her mum at scans and appts instead of him). She was expecting twins. We got together in March and his twins were born in April, I found it difficult but accepted that we both had a past. His ex a couple of months after the twins were born decided that she wanted to try again with him but he told her he didn't want to and they're better as friends but he will always be involved with the twins, she wasn't happy about it but as far as I know she took no for an answer.
She still nearly 8 months down the line doesn't know about me despite our relationship being solid and quite serious in the fact that he's practically always at mine, I spend time with his twins when he has them and love them to bits and he spends time with my children too.

I don't know whether I am being silly in the fact that I don't understand why he has not told her, his excuse is that he doesn't want her stopping him from seeing the twins and also that it wont benefit her from knowing.

TheNaze73 Sun 06-Nov-16 15:10:17

There are some vile people on this planet who use their children as pawns in a chess game. Get why you must feel like a dirty little secret but, he's protecting his interests so get that too. Tough one

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