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Any Experiences of Mediation?

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gretagoodhouse Sat 05-Nov-16 22:21:32

I'm about to start mediation with XH. We are at complete statement in terms of his contact with DD. I think he's losing it and is increasingly unstable and I want to reduce his contact with her and he wants more than he has now.

What happens in mediation?
We cannot agree on anything anymore, I can't see how a third party being present will change any of this.

Donatello68 Mon 07-Nov-16 10:41:28

When my Xh and I went through mediation, the mediator just made a list of all our assets (house, cars, bank accs etc) and liabilities (mortgages etc) and we started at a 50/50 split. I then had to argue a case for getting a larger slice as I have the DC's. Mediators vary - the first one I went to was really good. My Xh insisted on going to another one who was incredibly useless!! You have to have an appointment with the mediator individually before you sit down together. Ask your solicitor who they recommend. Good luck with it all!

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