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Gas lighting- so true

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booboo40123 Thu 03-Nov-16 21:10:33

I don't know whether this link will work but I found it. I am a long time lurker on Mumsnet, but this really resonates with me. When the next article comes out, I'll post it. I wonder whether this rings true for anyone else??

jamie000 Mon 07-Nov-16 10:37:40

Dear OP - Yes. This absolutely, to a tee, to an absolute pin point, describes my parents, especially my 'so called' DD. I think its part of the narcissistic trait some people (all of us to a greater or lesser extent) have. I always thought I was a shit son, too lazy, too uninterested in him, too demanding, too annoying, too whiny, too everything except fun/energetic/happy/childish! I thought he was a god that I couldn't hope to emulate and he could do no wrong. Glad I eventually saw through it, but I suspect many people never reach that stage.

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