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Help - DH is driving me mad!

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Mummy2TandF Sun 11-Feb-07 22:12:00

My Day so far:- Woke up at 6:30am with ds (2) and dd (13 weeks), fed washed and dressed them both, got myself dressed, done 5 loads of washing, drying and ironing, put all clothes away, emptied dishwasher, filled dishwasher, cleaned all windows (inside only), changed all ds's and dd's nappies and fed all dd's bottles to her, made lunch for dh, ds and me, tided ds's bedroom and our bedroom, swept and mopped living room and dining room floors and spring cleaned the kitchen, popped into the local hospital to see my best friend who had a baby yesterday, got back, made dinner for dh, ds and me, tidied it all away, bathed ds and dd and put them to bed, ran a bath for dh.
I have just gone downstairs to ask dh to wash up dd's bottles and then I would steralise and make them up and he said "if you hadn't been sitting on the computer all day, you could have done it yourself!" - I replied that I had been on Mumsnet for an hour and I thought I was entitled and he said - well you could have put a toilet brush round the toilet instead of sitting at the computer and he was serious!
Sorry for the rant but I had to let it out - am now going to get in the bath and try to calm down.

ledodgy Sun 11-Feb-07 22:13:17

Get the toilet brush and stick it where the sun don't shine!

funnypeculiar Sun 11-Feb-07 22:15:08

bloody hell - you are officially a saint ...
And, imho, he needs a slap...

Mummy2TandF Sun 11-Feb-07 22:15:23

ledodgy - You mean you actually read all that - I have felt like doing that for quite a while now.

controlfreakyandroses Sun 11-Feb-07 22:15:27

give his face a quick once over with the toilet brush before you get in the bath...

controlfreakyandroses Sun 11-Feb-07 22:16:00

oops. great minds ledodgy...

pinkbubble Sun 11-Feb-07 22:16:46

Tell him to BOG off!!!!!

Mummy2TandF Sun 11-Feb-07 22:17:19

funnypeculiar - I wouldn't say saint! It all needed doing badly but still - he has been watching TV all day and he is just sooo bad with the way he speaks to me it just makes me

Carmenere Sun 11-Feb-07 22:17:43

Make him a cup of tea and stir it with the toilet brush.

pinkbubble Sun 11-Feb-07 22:18:51

HeeHee thats bad

bandofgold Sun 11-Feb-07 22:19:15

well i went out at 12 and came back at 3, and no dc's had not been given lunch. grr,

luciemule Sun 11-Feb-07 22:19:36

what was DH doing while you did all that?
Is he usually quite good at helping or was this an off day?

funnypeculiar Sun 11-Feb-07 22:19:43

Mummy2T&F - compared to my day (I did some hoovering and got lunch, and played with the kids ... dh got up with the kids, made them breakfast, got them dressed, did nappies all day, cooked tea, took kids to shops & park etc etc ...), yup you are defn a saint...

bandofgold Sun 11-Feb-07 22:20:46

lucie, it was good cos he got out of bed, even more grrr.

bandofgold Sun 11-Feb-07 22:21:23

sorry, thought you were talking to me, ishall shut up now#!

kama Sun 11-Feb-07 22:31:02

Message withdrawn

Mummy2TandF Sun 11-Feb-07 22:43:43

luciemule - While I was doing all this he was sitting on the sofa watching TV shouting to me every 15 minutes "what are you doing?" meaning why aren't you here entertaining the dc's. and NO he is not usually good - He normally gets home from work and falls asleep on the sofa only for me to wake him up at 11pm ish reminding him to do dd's bottles - you see I do make a stand - making her bottles in the evening is his job! .... I think it has just wound me up today so much more because he has seen how much I have been doing and still has the cheek to make a comment like that!
Kama - I ran him a bath because I was upstairs (on Mumsnet) which is next to the bathroom and he was watching a film

luciemule Sun 11-Feb-07 22:52:31

Hmmmm - reminds me of a time when my DH showed traces of what your's is doing (or not, as the case may be). I've now come to the conclusion that men believe that they can carry on as though they're single with no responsibilities, even though there are now children to care for. My DH would get home from work at 5:30, all sweaty from cycling home, not have shower straight away but log on to some car website whilst I entertained the kids (who had missed daddy a lot) and cooked tea! Then, five mins before I served up tea, he decided to go and have his shower (for 15 mins)! They can't sem to see the need for a balance like us girls can. In the end I sat him own and explained how it looked from my point of view and yes, I know I'm at home all day and chose to stay here to look after the kids but that perhaps he could surf once the kids were in bed etc etc. Finally it sank in and he started to help more and at times I needed him to. I Now he's away with army in Afghanistan and emails how much he misses bathtimes with the kids and entertaining the kids........he's going to have a shock when he gets back and finds out that I'm going to have one big long rest and let him crack on!

Mummy2TandF Sun 11-Feb-07 22:57:44

luciemule - Sounds like your dh listened at least , if I were to broach the subject of him helping he would just scream at me that he puts the rubbish bags out once a week AND does dd's bottles everynight
Even during the week, he gets the train home from work and I pick him up from the station with ds and dd - at 5:45pm (when they should be eating, bathing and getting ready for bed) - last week I phoned him to say that I couldn't make it to get him as ds had fallen asleep and I was feeding dd - he went mental [hmmm] - I really don't know what to do with him, have tried to explain that his working day is from 6:30am-5:45pm and that mine is 24 hours but it just doesn't sink in

luciemule Sun 11-Feb-07 23:41:05

Poor you - I really feel for you. Although my DH is a bit crap at helping around the house, he's really quite good with the kids and he does bath DD whilst I bath DS at the same time. Then he reads her a story and does her teeth. Does your DH show an interest in doing nice things for the kids or doesn't he do anything really? Would he not sit and cuddle your DD whilst reading a book to DS whilst you sort out tea? Perhaps if you began by asking him to do nice things with the kids, at least it'd give you a hand, even though you get the majority of boring stuff to do? Or maybe ask him to take DS to the cinema or playpark on a sat morning so it gives you a little break.
Would he have a loopy fit if you suggested a rota type set up? At least then, he couldn't say it wasn't equal. Or if there's no chanign him, could you afford to have someone clean for you once a week? Even if it was just to clean the bathroom and mop the kitchen floor - it'd be less pressure for you. Also, as your DD is so young, you could call the local college and ask if there is anyone who is doing their childcare placements near you. They come and act like a mother's help whilst doing their childcare practice. You shouldn't leave them with the children on their own but they can cook for the kids, wash and iron their clothes and provide you with someone to chat to and play with your DS. I keep promising myself I would enquire about it but haven't got around to it yet - but I really should.

wanderingstar Mon 12-Feb-07 08:45:47

Mummy2..can you invent a reason, perhaps on a weekend when he's not at work, to be away for 12 hours or longer eg really ill relative quite far away, and just GO at short notice. Then ring to be picked up at 5.45pm from the station. Make sure in the days leading up to this that you've done no laundry, putting away of clothes , food shopping etc. Give him a hastily written casual note of food to be bought, washing done for children etc. and go away for a long day. Yes only a day but he might get the idea.

kimi Mon 12-Feb-07 09:01:05

Give the toileta going over *at once* with his toothbush

Mummy2TandF Mon 12-Feb-07 12:54:04

luciemule - some good ideas there - might give that a try.
wonderingstar - There would be absolutley no chance of me going away for 12 hours - I can't even have a bath for longer than 30 minutes anymore because he is asking where I am and what I am doing etc , we have had the discussion about the fact that he can come and go when he pleases (out 2/3 evenings a week) and I can't even have a bath but he doesn't see anything wrong with that. When I did work (before children) he did sometimes have to pick me up at the station, but he was coming straight from work and even then if I was more than 1 minute late he was on the phone shouting at me because he had to wait and he wanted to get home As far as leaving a note for him to do the washing - he doesn't know how the washing machine works or the cooker for that matter.

sibdoms Mon 12-Feb-07 16:49:25

Mummy to T and F - well show him how to use them!Is he educationally subnormal? I wouldn't let my dh sit about watching a film at the weekend whilst I ran about after the kids. When he is home, you are BOTH responsible and you SHARE the work, giving you both enough time a)for some downtime and b)for some together time once the dcs are in bed. He is a neanderthal.And you do not have to be a skivvy. You need a serious chat and to divide the work up, otherwise you are going to be totally exhausted and resentful. It's not fair on the kids either.And you need some you time. It's incredibly controlling for him to not let you even have a bath. Who does he think he is?

DimpledThighs Mon 12-Feb-07 17:07:13

oh just ignore him - he is in a bad mood - leave him to stew in his misery.

Be all bright and breezy and ask if he wants a cup of tea in a "your sulking attitude don't touch me boy" way and he will snap out of it.

don't know what id wring with them sometimes, think it is a manufacturers fault - they break down and go all moody sometimes. It seems to go away if you ignore it (the mood not the man!)

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