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Somewhere safe

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WindfallenArch Thu 03-Nov-16 14:42:27

How are you doing hiding?

Brankolium Thu 03-Nov-16 14:55:02

Glad you've started a new thread Wind. Checking in so it's on my 'I'm on' list smile.

Badgoushk Thu 03-Nov-16 14:55:06

Thanks for starting the new thread Wind!

FantasticButtocks Thu 03-Nov-16 15:02:07

Hi Wind I'm here too smile

userformallyknownasuser1475360 Thu 03-Nov-16 15:03:24

Userf checking in!!!!

walkerandtexasranger Thu 03-Nov-16 15:14:05

I'm here (day 4) seems my ds has decided to turn into a tantrumming monster at the same time that I am attempting to become sober! Cheers son!

Pigflewpast Thu 03-Nov-16 15:17:27

Just saying I'm here too and that the wisdom coming from you all the last couple of days has been amazing.
Wind, Hiding and User ( still haven't worked out how to bold on iPad) you're all so strong you're inspirational. Wind your "slip" the other night actually says strength to me - you threw the rest away again.
No great wisdom here, just keep going, all of you

WindfallenArch Thu 03-Nov-16 15:17:37

Thank you SO much! I'm sort of hugging myself here - that thread has, I believe, saved my life. But there isn't much more to say about me, so please don't feel it's my thread. I'll just hang out here and hope someone else does too.

WindfallenArch Thu 03-Nov-16 15:18:28

School run time. Back in a bit.

Hidingtonothing Thu 03-Nov-16 15:44:55

Just posted on the old thread, I'm ok, thank you for caring. I suspect I'll be hanging out here a fair bit, glad you've started a new thread, I'm glad of the support and happy I can offer some in return. Some revelations for me today (see old thread) which, strangely after feeling like I was weakening last night, have shown me that I'm stronger than I thought. Hang in there walker, tackling addiction alongside the stresses of normal life is bloody hard work but imo makes you more likely to succeed long term than doing it in isolation because there will always come a point where you have to deal with both at the same time. Wind I hope you're ok today, I'm indescribably proud that you poured the rest away last night and userf I'm so glad you're here, you're giving so much wisdom and insight to the rest of us I hope you're getting something out of our little team for yourself. <waves to everyone else> glad we're here for the long haul smile

SlipperyJack Thu 03-Nov-16 16:20:05

Hello everyone. Hope you're all OK today.

IreallyKNOWiamright Thu 03-Nov-16 21:00:16

Hi all. flowers. Just reading through threads this week and just want to say how brave some of you are. And really some of you deserve so much better.

userformallyknownasuser1475360 Thu 03-Nov-16 23:58:10

pigflew there is a smiley and italic I and a paper clip under where you write, if you press the I it will bring up what you need to put things in bold etc I know this because I stumbled across it I am extremely smart and know everything about the internet.

walker this may be your head adjusting to the new sober life, it does get better there are promises that tell us it does, although I haven't found the guy who made them to sue for breach of promise yet

wind Ilove that I have found you, the way you talk and the laughs (and heartache) you have given in 30 days

hiding you my dear must be mad - to describe what I say as wisdom??? It's not, I'm stealing it from other people and putting it out as my own, there's a load of copyright lawyers out hunting for me with spears and pointy things as I write this!!!!

But seriously folks, this is about the only good thing that addiction has done for any of us, it's brought us to a place where we can bounce issues off each other, with no judgement - safe in the knowledge that some other poor bastard is going through the same stuff we are. Believe it or not we are lucky in a way, there are people out there who don't have what we have, be it because if not looking for it, no internet access etc. It's a journey, it's a hard journey but there are some parts I'm enjoying (and other parts I hate) a so like every good road trip who is going to start the singsong?

pumyin Fri 04-Nov-16 09:05:50

Here too and wishing you all done

Pigflewpast Fri 04-Nov-16 17:53:14

user says it should bold but it doesn't, unless it does when I post to make me look stupid!

Pigflewpast Fri 04-Nov-16 17:54:07

Ooh! Thanks user and apologies to anyone who got a notification of new post and is now very disappointed!

Castasunder Fri 04-Nov-16 18:44:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

walkerandtexasranger Sat 05-Nov-16 07:40:38

Hi all. Now entering day 6. Hard to make tea last night without a glass of wine in hand. Anyone had any weird side effects from stopping booze? I am having night sweats but also keep weeing a lot! Noticeably more than normal. Sorry if that's TMI.

userformallyknownasuser1475360 Sat 05-Nov-16 11:09:20

walkerandtexas nightsweats are normal, and I think the peeing will be normal too (body getting rid of toxins)

The withdrawal effects should be wearing off soon though - apparently two weeks is about the longest.

I remember I got hallucinations, but these were of the something flying past in my peripheral vision, annoying but not scary once I knew what it was.

Are you getting any help being off alcohol? It might be an idea to go see your GP? Also an open AA meeting can help - this is like an info session it doesn't mean you are alcoholic.

ICESTAR Sat 05-Nov-16 18:23:29

Hi wind, checking in. Hope you're okay. We are all supporting you here. 😊😊😊😊

Badgoushk Sat 05-Nov-16 20:06:27

Hi Wind, how are you? Enjoying the fireworks?!

marriednotdead Sat 05-Nov-16 22:52:25

Hi Wind, pompom waver number 44 checking in- I have been a bit distracted for a couple of days and almost lost you! Ridiculously pleased that you have started another thread, inspired others to start their own journeys and brought some of us along for company too smile

Worked too late tonight to get to any firework displays but it's chilly so I don't feel too regretful. Looking forward to a sort of lie in tomorrow, how are you sleeping these days?

marriednotdead Sat 05-Nov-16 23:11:41

Just had a quick catch up of the end of the other thread and wanted to acknowledge how well you are all doing in the face of stress induced temptation.

Pleased you made that GP appointment Hiding, a wise and brave decision.

A few years ago, a younger family member started her periods at 9 and struggled to accept it. She went into complete denial and refused to acknowledge them/bathe/wear sanpro so her mum asked me to talk to her. The biggest issue was that she felt no one in her class understood except her teacher. After a long long afternoon exploring every angle and pointing out that someone always has to be first in everything life offers, I miraculously got through to her and she went home, got in the bath and hasn't looked back. You sound like a brilliant and approachable mum Wind so I'm sure your DD will have an easier road to walk into puberty flowers

everylittlestep Sun 06-Nov-16 07:47:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

walkerandtexasranger Sun 06-Nov-16 07:58:21

Day 7 for me too every. Not feeling great tbh. ds had a massive melt down about putting on his coat (!) Yesterday which descended into a huge meltdown. I was being bitchy and passive aggressive..DH lost his temper and stormed out.

I feel like all I ever wanted is to be a mum, tried for years to get pregnant and now I have a son I am absolutely shit at it. Ugh. Free tickets to the pity party!

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