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Help through separation.

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Helen114 Mon 31-Oct-16 12:53:44

I've been with my husband for 27 yrs - and been married for 21 - we have 2 amazing children. For the sake of our kids and because I in particular want to still have some kind of relationship with his family - I am going along with saying it's amicable. It is in that we both want this however we're going to be saying that we have simply drifted apart. The truth is he has been completely unreasonable in the way he has behaved - doing his own thing, putting himself before everyone else and socialising as if he was 20 yrs old. I tried & failed on so many occasions to get him to see that this was destroying our family and relationship. This week we need to start telling family and friends and most importantly our kids. I am happy to be out - but am in bits at thought of the upset I am going to cause those close to us - I feel so guilty. I have confided in cple of friends who knew something was seriously wrong - as in health wise with myself or one of the kids so their initial reaction was thank god - there is worse going on in world. Already folk are telling me how to deal with this - what I should be saying/doing - I want to scream 'this is my break up I'll deal with it my way'. Also re work - I've currently got 2 wk sick line - this is a major event/stress in my life - i'm not ill but feel I'll need longer thanks for reading x

Bigoldsupermoon Mon 31-Oct-16 13:18:02

flowers for you, OP, while you wait for someone with more insight to come along. I'm sorry you're facing so much stress, but glad to hear you're taking control of your life. x

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