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Too sensative

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LovingWifeAndMother Mon 31-Oct-16 11:13:26

Is anyone else just too sensitive?
I think about what other people may think about me all the time and how i can be better, and if/when i get a negative comment, its tears me down and i think about it for weeks, sometimes it never leaves me! I hate it, If i could choose not to care about other peoples opinions i would!
Anyone got any tips on just leading a happy life in my own bubble, but still keep with my own morals of being excepting and kind to others even if they sometimes dont deserve it.

Inthenick Mon 31-Oct-16 11:16:32

Why on earth are people making negative comments to you? I suspect you are not the problem OP.

LovingWifeAndMother Mon 31-Oct-16 11:20:57

Just comments from strangers sometimes, maybe about the behavior of my kids ( i have an autistic 3 year old), Or comments from my husband ex gf (mother of my stepdaughter). The odd comment about the way im raising my children from my mum. Silly things that take over in my head.

Yoksha Mon 31-Oct-16 11:48:14

Something that I think about when I'm overly concerned about how others find me/criticise me etc. Is that there are 7.5 billion + individual perspectives on reality.

Find your own core desires & boundaries that your comfortable with. As long as your not being nasty, rude or manipulative try and care less about others & how you're letting them impact on your life.

Therin lies a type of madness about overthinking how others feel about us.

pallasathena Mon 31-Oct-16 14:12:18

I used to be like you, until I realised that when people say hurtful, critical or nasty things to you, they're projecting how they feel on someone, anyone else who they know won't retaliate.
When you wake up and realise that you've spent most of your best years being a verbal 'punchbag', for a select few (in my case, close family), you have to do something about it, otherwise, you'd go mad.
In my case I've gone no-contact with one family member, low contact with another and these days, I'm treated respectfully and without veiled sarcasm at family gatherings. Why? because these days, I tell it like it is. If someone is being nasty, sarcastic, passive aggressive or just a pain in the bum, I either cut them off mid rant and walk away or tell them straight that they should be ashamed of themselves and why.
You have to set your own boundaries in life and when people cross those boundaries, you don't roll over and let them do it again.

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