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Ongoing relationship problems don't know what to do

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Hedgehot27uk Sun 30-Oct-16 22:33:49

I'm hoping for some emotional support advice. I've had ongoing relationship problems or 2 years. I have tried so hard to talk to him. I have found it's so for me. My relationship with my mum is toxic. I hardly have any friends . My partner changed 2 years ago in personally I have found this traumatic I feel stuck .in would love it to work but losing hope I've been with him for along time. He changed after a stroke/ seizure I couldn't understand him it made conversation extremely stressful like he wasn't clear .I loved how he said things to me it was part of his character I fell in love with so this was very hard for me and trying to understand him was so hard.I'm so traumatised by this is don't cope well when relationship changes and as well as my mum and my mil problems this is too much.My best friend is avoiding me cause she's severely mentally I'll. I have a 1yr old but she was conceived before all this. I don't have the mental strength after all this to be a single mum I know myself that much as well . And I don't know what to do.

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