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My mother leaves me so stressed ...

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oneconfusedchick Fri 28-Oct-16 13:35:43

Does anyone else find being around their mother really stressful ? My mum seems to need constant reassurance about what is going on next if we are out and is very nervy and jumpy. I would feel sorry for her but she has said some pretty awful things in the past two myself and my siblings... Some times though I'm not sure if it's me overreacting as she can also be quite nice.

She came over earlier this week and made comments about me being the 'perfect housewife ' - the comment itself was not rude but at the time I was really struggling to put out some washing, dealing with DS toddler lunch and generally trying to juggle my messy house which is under going building work. It's just weird as I'm not trying to be a housewife I'm trying to get through the day and I go back to work in a few months !!

Anyway I don't know what I'm looking for sometimes I think it's something I've done but I can't think wat ?!

RatherBeRiding Fri 28-Oct-16 17:24:54

Has she always been nervy and jumpy, or is this something new - ditto the need for constant reassurance? If it's a sudden change in her then it's maybe something that needs checking out, health-wise.

As for the comments - if you aren't sure whether or not she is trying to be rude, then call her out on it. "What do you mean Mum?" - don't just let these comments go by and then stew over them afterwards. And then if you think she is having a dig at you - tell her you find her comments hurtful and what is the need for them?

She will only stress you out if you let her! flowers

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