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Milkand2sugarsplease Tue 25-Oct-16 13:41:04

Any chance of a bit of advice please?

DS is almost 4 and so far childcare has generally fallen to me. I was a student so it was easier for me to miss a lecture than for DH to get time off work - mainly because DH employer at the time was awful with regards to time off and would just tell him to get me to sort it. DH is not great at being assertive and can come across as abrupt or rude or something.

I've just started working a couple of days a week so it's not as easy for me to just 'skip a lecture' now so I think if an appt comes up (i.e. DS flu jab last week) it should now be shared. I tried to get it on a day I don't work but they were doing the clinics the two days I work!!

I'm having trouble making DH understand that my job is as important as his. He has Aspergers and now just sees it as he goes out to work and I sort out anything DS related. I can't stress enough it's not a nasty/selfish thing, it's very much the routine that has developed with me being a student and I now need to move the goalposts a little.

Thank you.

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