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I dont think i want to be with him anymore ?

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AmyJessicax26 Fri 21-Oct-16 23:33:57

i can barely stand to sit in the same room with him anymore , theres just so much tension and we argue every time we talk . and there is nothing to talk about ? the main issue is im nearly 4months pregnant and we live together ? i dont know what to do ?

JoJoSM2 Fri 21-Oct-16 23:59:44

Oh dear sad Are there serious issues or could it just st be pregnancy hormones? If you feel the relationship is irreparable, you might as well end it now as it will probably only get more difficult later.

LuluJakey1 Sat 22-Oct-16 00:21:27

Is it not pregnancy hormones? When I was pregnant with Ds, I had three phases where I could not stand the sight or sound of DH. I did not want him in the same bed, room, house or on the planet to be honest. Everything he said or did made me want to kill him- even breathing and being nice to me.

THen it would just stop and I would feel terrible. We never argue (just squabble on) and are really easy going usually and I love him to bits. But I could cheerfully have lamped him. They lasted 2-3 weeks.The last one I was about 34 weeks and it lasted a month. I was awful to him. I told him to go to his parents for Christmas and New Year and leave me by myself (DS due early January) . I slept in the spare room, barely spoke to him. Bless him he just ignored it all although I knew he was hurt.
It stopped a few days before Christmas, I was absolutely fine after that and we had a lovely Christmas to ourselves and Ds arrived on 30th December.

Pregnancy hormones can cause havoc. Are you sure it isn't that?

Puddingandpiee Sat 22-Oct-16 00:37:55

Pregnancy hormones can make you a totally different person! I went from being the most layed back person to a complete physco within those nine months. Although in my head I always convinced myself it was definitely not the hormones and it was how I really felt. Worst bit was if anyone suggested it was the hormones that would infuriate me more making me act even more irrational.

Reflecting back on it, it definitely was the hormones and I'm so glad people put up with me throughout.. Just try not to do anything drastic especially if it's very out of character to feel this way!

justbeing Sat 22-Oct-16 02:24:29

I am 37 weeks & can't stand my DP right now either. I don't particularly feel hormonal but I'm sure it must be having an effect. I could have a big rant about him, but actually he's not that bad. A bit of a dipstick but there's worse out there.
They say 'if in doubt - do nowt' so just biding my time to see if things pick up after baby is born. Not sure pregnancy is really a good time for making rash decisions so not doing anything drastic right now.
I've spoken to friends about going off your fella during pregnancy & it seems to be quite common. Is it pregnancy hormones or do they just show themselves to be useless plonkers? I don't know if it means we are not with the right one. Too much to think about right now so just sitting back & waiting to see what happens in the future.

AmyJessicax26 Mon 12-Dec-16 01:21:55

Thankyou everyone sad I went on so many websites asking for help I didn't know where I wrote this one until just now sad still no good and I'm now 23weekssad

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