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Have you used Family Wizard to communicate with abusive ex-spouse?

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momv2 Sat 15-Oct-16 20:23:06

Has anybody used Family Wizard to communicate with their ex-husband or wife in a parallel parenting arrangement? Is it effective? My ex-husband is abusive and I have blocked his abusive telephone calls, instant messages and SMS after he insisted that I be accessible to him 24-7 in the case of an emergency. My lawyer said that was nonsense given that our 7 year old son lives with me full time and sees his father on the weekend - for good reasons before any MN'ers jump down my throat - and he was just trying to control me. I still receive nasty emails from him that I'm "bitter, twisted, sick", etc, etc. Has anybody used Family Wizard? I know it is a US company with a UK offshoot. Is there a UK equivalent?

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