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Another divorce/separation thread

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rinserepeat Wed 12-Oct-16 18:35:12

Been putting this post off, we've been together 7 years, married 3 years, 2 kids.. he left me 5 weeks ago, i guess I don't really need a bashing thread as I'm still a bit shocked/battered by it all, and I know mumsnet could really tear him a new one if I went into details, in short it got hard-he left, severe case of manchild.

I am very lucky in I have a job within school hours (isn't well paid) and it goes full time in March. I also am topped up with DLA. No childcare costs, but I can't afford our mortgage payments-730 a month, we finally got on the ladder this year after renting for forever, I can't buy him out-I have no savings (we spent everything on the deposit) and no chance of getting a mortgage on my crap wage. Even if I go full time I don't think I'd earn much more as it will just even out the DLA that I will no longer receive by upping my hours. We had just started paying back a tax credits overpayments from 2014 that was brought to our attention this year, this keeps happening to me so I'm very wary of applying for benefits because it seems like they miscalculate it every single time.

He has agreed to contribute 900 a month but I'm just wary of this, I don't trust it will be for long although he assures me it will be until someone moves in/I move out.

Does anyone have any advice especially in regards to mortgage I am so unbelievable clueless when it comes to this it really scares me.

kath6144 Wed 12-Oct-16 18:42:43

Op can I suggest you get this moved to the relationships board, you will get more traffic/good advise there?

rinserepeat Wed 12-Oct-16 18:52:42

I don't know how :/ I thought about putting it in there, but thought it turned out more financial.

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