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Dlah Wed 12-Oct-16 12:19:27

Not sure if this is the right board, just need a bit of a vent.

I love my partner, I'm 38 weeks pregnant today with our first child, we've just got a mortgage and waiting to move into a beautiful house - all in all, pretty damn lucky.

He's been in his current job for a year and HATES it, I mean passionately. He's in quite a specialist role that means there's not much about.

He had his perfect job with a very well known organisation for 8 years, great money etc when we first met, then he got made redundant and was gutted. Problem was he really struggles with confidence and the interview process even though could do jobs he went for with his eyes closed.

It's got to stage now though where I feel he's getting depressed over it, and has stopped looking for new jobs - because he feels no one will give him the chance. It took him a year to get current job, and he took minimum wage just because he wanted to work etc, the company actually rang him and said 'we know we can't afford you with your quals etc' and he said he just wanted to work and didn't care. Should have probably had warning bells then - his interview was basically 'what football team do you support' (nothing to do with the role!) and bingo - hired. This company is crap, they went through a 9 week spate of at least 1 person a week walking out and had to get a HR manager due to tribunal cases against them!

Anyway, I digress. I'm just so frustrated, I feel for him I really do, but he's in a funk and not helping himself and now taking it out on me being moody etc, which doesn't help when I'm hormonal already.

I just can't help him and have told him, he needs to use this hatred for the job to motivate him - that and his first child's impending arrival, but I'm just not getting through to him. He's a good guy and deserves a good job

Ironically he won employee of the month yesterday, so he's clearly still getting his head down and getting on with it. I just feel so fed up and stuck in trying to help him sad

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