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can't get him out of my head

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getoutofitnow Wed 12-Oct-16 01:08:43

Trying to cut a long story short me and my dc father agreed to split a couple of months ago, I pretty much straight away asked him to come back and he said no and to work on things first, over these months we were still arguing which was why, but recently he has decided he wants to move back in and start again, I've said ok. But a couple of years ago before I even met my current partner I used to speak to this man a lot and met up occasionally with friends, and we spoke again briefly while I've been split with partner and I just cannot get him out of my head, I've completely cut of contact with him now (this was a few weeks ago) nothing has ever happened between us apart from a drunken kiss. But I just can't stop thinking about him. And I feel like I'm almost begrudging my partner now a bit for not coming back straight away. I think if I ended things with my partner and pursed this man he's not really the relationship type of person either it's like I don't even know what I would expect/want from him, or if he would even want me.  Any advice? 

deepwater71 Thu 13-Oct-16 20:47:50

Don't go there! I've been in your situation and you are doing completely the right thing by going no contact. Try and push for a resolution to your current relationship problems, the other man is simply a distraction, he sounds flaky as well, wishing you well x

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