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Online divorce

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gemmalou82 Tue 11-Oct-16 22:53:44

Hi, I'm trying to avoid spending a lot of money on costly solicitors and I wondered if anyone has used a website like quickie divorce?

My ex is reasonable and happy to just get it sorted. Anyone experienced websites like this and is the service okay? Thanks

TempusEedjit Tue 11-Oct-16 23:27:34

Not sure if we can name and shame on here so I will pm you.

I did actually get divorced using an online service which was trouble-free, however we had no DC and my ex was 100% cooperative during the process. I believe you can actually fill the divorce application out yourself though without having to use solicitors... sure someone will be along with more advice soon.

Montane50 Wed 12-Oct-16 01:46:19

My best friend did her divorce without using a solicitor (1 dd but no property or goods to split) it went through with no problems. My dp has now filed for his divorce, but saw a solicitor for a bit of advice (everyone is entitled to 30 mins free legal advice). She gave him a few points to address. Hopefully his divorce will also be straight forward.

threewords3 Wed 12-Oct-16 02:23:11

I used an online solicitors because neither of us was in the UK, and we had sorted out division of assets/child custody etc ourselves quite amicably. It was very easy, but to be honest if I was in the UK I wouldn't have used them and would have just done it myself without them.

Mirandawest Wed 12-Oct-16 02:49:51

My ex husband and I divorced without using any solicitors - we downloaded the forms from the internet and did it that way. It was £410 for us although I believe it's gone up now. We were amicable about the children and didn't have any property or other assets - if we had we'd have used a solicitor for the consent order.

category12 Wed 12-Oct-16 10:44:20

There is no such thing as a quickie divorce in the UK. It takes same amount of time whatever. About 12-16 weeks for first part, and 6 weeks between nisi and absolute.

You can do it yourself, just fill in the forms online and pay court fees (£550 to file). If it's not contested and simple financially, it's pretty straightforward - I am in process myself.

Be careful if using an online service that you couldn't just get the same forms yourself off the gov UK site and that you are getting an actual solicitor to look over anything, if that's what they say they are offering.

Carlinamoon1 Fri 14-Oct-16 18:01:21

I used QD and found them excellent. We shared the court costs (under £500) and payed a bit extra for a financial order (around £180) to sort out maintenance, child living arrangements and split of the house sale proceeds. It was all very straightforward and we split the costs so overall I got rid of him for under £350 - a small price to pay I thought.
My ex is a very difficult person but also very tight when it comes to money and seeing as he knew I had evidence of his affair he was uncharacteristically amicable throughout the process. 😂 He knew our daughters would choose to live with me on a full time basis so he didn't contest that at all. I got 67% of the equity from the house sale without any argument which enabled me to pay off debts and I have a small amount left that I'm now adding to in order to save up for a deposit for a new home. I am glad that I didn't spend 1000s going through a solicitor. I know of others who have had a less straightforward time due to uncooperative exes. I would discuss it with him and see what he says. Good luck smile

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