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Think I like someone else

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Confusedandhorny Mon 10-Oct-16 10:25:04

Okay first post so apologies if I get abbreviations wrong etc. To begin, I am engaged and been with DF 8 years. The first couple of years where amazing but it's been, rocky to say the least. He works away a lot which also doesn't help. Recently I just haven't felt the 'spark'. I have however felt the spark with someone else. I would never cheat on DF but I really like OM. We see each other all the time at work so there's no avoiding him and I can't stop thinking about him. I don't know if the reason I'm feeling g things towards him is because of problems with DF, am I falling out of love with him? I definatly feel like OM might have feeling for me and there's been a few almost moments in work nights out etc, and lots of flirting but I've always stopped it because of DF.
Ugh, please and words of advice or wisdom would be greatly appreciated confused

ImperialBlether Mon 10-Oct-16 10:28:40

You need to separate the two things.

You got engaged but now don't feel the spark. You'd be crazy to marry in those circumstances.

You've met someone else. You know you shouldn't start something with him while you're still with the other man - you're better than that.

End your engagement and wait a little while to see how you feel about the other man then.

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