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How do I tactfully ask someone if I can teach them to kiss??

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Tosnogornottosnog Sat 08-Oct-16 19:19:20

So I have been with my girlfriend about 4 months. Every thing is great. We have a really fulfilling love life and I'm very happy.

We both have only had one partner before we got together (male partners) but we figured everything out quite quickly.

She mentioned before we even met in person (we talked online first) that she and her former partner didn't do a lot of kissing and she was worried she wouldn't be any good.

We kiss a lot but she doesn't 'french kiss'.
I love kissing, it's my very favourite thing to do and I've always been very, well ermmm... tonguey. I enjoy a real good snog with tongues.

I did mention to her a while back that I noticed she never used her tongue when kissing and she said she never really noticed and the next few kisses she did try but it was very 'poke a rigid tongue in and give it a poke about' and not really fullfilli g or what I am used to.

Would it be awful to bring it up again? After a few 'pokes' it went back to 'plain' kissing.

I remember 'teaching' my boyfriend to kiss but we were teenagers, it seems much harder to approach an adult with this problem.

I love her to pieces and I don't want to embarrass or offend her but I really miss having a proper snog.

It's not that she doesn't like tongues, she says she likes it when I slip mine in a little or run mine across her lips etc.... I think its just that she doesn't know how??

Is there a nice way to suggest it or should I just put it out of my mind?

NotTheFordType Sat 08-Oct-16 20:20:10

Try saying "you know when I slide my tongue along your lips, I would love it if you did the same back."

She may not actually like it of course. I really dislike kissing with tongues, the texture is just awful. I've had to train most of my partners out of it.

Tosnogornottosnog Sat 08-Oct-16 20:27:30

I really don't think its a case of her not liking it. We share some very particular tastes so we are very open about what we like and don't and it has never been mentioned in some very detailed conversations.

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