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Just need to clear my head

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CostaRicanBananas Sat 08-Oct-16 11:51:43

Since beginning of September, life as we knew it pre-summer holiday is gone. It started with DS' A level results, which crested all sorts of stress and conflict at home. Then DH started a new job, with completely different working patterns (we only found out the extent of it as he started), which means that we haven't had a day off together for over a month now. Our evening routine as family has also been turned completely upside down. To top it all up (and this should be the least of my worries), it feels like DH has gone back to his chitchat with his f*ing ex wife. Now, to top it all up, I opened a parcel today (the name was covered so I thought it was my earrings) and he's ordered himself steroids?! WTF??? He used to play sport professionally and is into his fitness, but I've never seen him take anything. Honestly, never mind the actual individual issues but do you know when you just need for the world to stop spinning for a moment?

CostaRicanBananas Sat 08-Oct-16 11:56:21

Oops - badly written post... blushbrew

FeedMeAndTellMeImPretty Sat 08-Oct-16 12:54:27

Wow, it sounds like your H is having some sort of mid life crisis! Steroids and ex-wife chit-chat sound like a recipe for disaster. Have you spoken to him about either of these? I assume when you say "DH has gone back to his chitchat" that this has been a problem in the past?

CostaRicanBananas Sat 08-Oct-16 13:19:30

Hi Feedme
The contact with the ex has always been there, but not always about their children which has had me raising my eyebrows. Mind you, they've been separated / divorced for years, and long before I came along.
He's away for work this weekend - really away for work, as in no funny business or anything dodgy about it wink - and I go away for work for 8 days from Tuesday. I am just so unsettled about how our routine, which we cherished so much, has totally disappeared... And then these side things cropping up! On the other hand, I should just be very grateful as DH's job change was prompted by redundancy so we are very lucky that he walked straight into another job!! Plus unlike the previous job, I am really happy to see how much he's enjoying his new role. The only negative about it is the working pattern...

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