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Is it best to wait to meet someone until you've sorted out your life?

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Dieu Tue 04-Oct-16 19:24:44

Hi all. On the face of it, I have a good life: 3 lovely, healthy kids, a wonderful family, a nice place to live, an adorable dog grin.
I also need to find a job, widen my social circle, lose weight and … become happier.
I would LOVE to meet someone. I feel it like an ache. I feel ready and that the time has come. My 18 year marriage ended nearly 4 years ago, after he was unfaithful. I certainly wouldn't say no to some happiness, excitement, romance, etc. Basically, everything that was lacking in the latter stages of my marriage … and which has felt a bit lacking since.
I guess I feel an emptiness in my life, which I'm looking for someone to fill. Sounds desperate doesn't it, but I don't mean it like that entirely. Someone to complement my life might be a better description.
My heart is telling me to go for it. My head is telling me to wait until sorting myself out, to become my better self, that I should reach happiness on my own before (hopefully) meeting someone special.

What do you think? Is there ever a perfect stage in one's like to start trying to meet someone?

Zeeandra Tue 04-Oct-16 19:31:16

I think you can do both. The things you want to achieve will get you out and meeting people.

Widen your social circle - take Up a new hobby, visit some new places, join a local club for something that interests you. All these things offer opportunities to meet new people.

Get a job - again a new job means new people.

Get healthier - you could look again at joining the gym or a running club or similar.

All these things offer great ways to meet people outside of the hell of OLD. I would try these first and just see what happens.

redexpat Tue 04-Oct-16 22:08:42

Read how to do everything and be happy by peter Jones. You can do it all.

HerBigChance Tue 04-Oct-16 22:12:21

You ca do all of these things as an end in themselves and if you meet someone lovely from any of them, that's a bonus.

TheNaze73 Wed 05-Oct-16 07:49:49

Think it can all be done at once. Life is too short

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