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Please, please, please fuck off, Aunt

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BathshebaDarkstone Tue 04-Oct-16 14:28:53

We all have fluey colds. DD had hers while she was staying at my aunt's for the weekend. Today she's got dodgeball club before school and singing club after school. Last night my aunt was telling me not to let her do one of the clubs because of this cold, even though her appetite's just slightly down and she's a bit achy, now she's texted me asking if I'll be monitoring how tired she gets. No mention of whether DS will get tired, he'll get up earlier and go to bed later as well, and he'll do multi sports while she's doing singing.

There are 2 issues here:

1. She only gives a shit about DD2, I have 3 other DC.

2. She thinks I need to be told how to bring her up.

I'm just venting.

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