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Is he flirting back?

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Duplolady Mon 03-Oct-16 23:14:43

I've been flirting with a work colleague for a few months, but quite subtlely, as I am not sure he is interested and I want to take it slowly.

A few weeks ago, we were at a packed conference. I was stood next to him and I was leaning against his body, so no one else could see, but we were both aware. He was leaning into me, too. It was quite erotic and lasted a few minutes. At the time I thought 'he fancies me'! Since then, he has 'accidentally' brushed my arm but nothing else has been done to move things along.

Just wondering whether other people would consider this accidental touching and leaning on each other a type of flirting?

Lilacpink40 Mon 03-Oct-16 23:17:14

Assuming you're both single then yes it could be fun and flirty. Have you tried holding his gaze longer than people usually look at each other?

HolyshitIfuckedupbigtime Mon 03-Oct-16 23:40:44

Sounds a bit pervy to me, would have been more polite to just ask you out?

blueshoes Mon 03-Oct-16 23:41:38

Yes, it is flirting but with a more physical slant. He is probably checking you out as a fling, not necessarily a relationship. Which might be why he does not take it further. He wants you to take the bait and give a signal, perhaps more obvious than the subtle flirting? This could be because he cannot take things further than a physical relationship.

Are you sure he is unattached?

My imagination could be running wild ...

DustyOfSkye Tue 04-Oct-16 04:10:07

Yes, he is flirting but he also sounds quite practiced in getting under the (sexual) skin of his intended. Be careful.

TheNaze73 Tue 04-Oct-16 06:37:13

Why don't you just ask him out rather than just waiting. It is 2016? I don't think he'd be doing this for this long if it was just a physical curiosity. Tinder has changed the dynamic there for that.
Good luck op smile

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