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Why am I feeling excitable and like a puppy when near my new colleague?

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StrumpersPlunkett Mon 03-Oct-16 19:00:11

I am happily married yet I find myself in a state when we are in the same space.

Guidance please!!

whatyouseeiswhatyouget Mon 03-Oct-16 20:41:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Happybunny19 Mon 03-Oct-16 21:28:16

It's just a silly crush that feels exciting. Get flirty with your husband and you can get the excitement at home. Send him some suggestive texts or get out somewhere you went when you first got together. It is always possible to recreate the excitement no matter how long you've been together. Forget the office bloke and if you're still feeling tempted remember he farts and picks his nose just like any man.

StrumpersPlunkett Mon 03-Oct-16 22:41:45

Thank you ladies.
I know it is a crush. Just confused really as Dh and I are in a really very happy place.

PushingThru Mon 03-Oct-16 22:58:46

Put boundaries up with the colleague & stay away, channel the frisson & aliveness you feel & take it home with you for you & your partner. It's a crush. They're not bad things.

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