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Missing my grandad

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Jetcatisback Sun 02-Oct-16 20:52:50

Which is weird, as I was 13 when I last saw him. He was my foster mum's dad, and as I was fostered there from being a toddler to 13, it's the only extended family I knew. I was removed from that placement due to abuse, which obviously the family didn't accept was going on, so I wasn't allowed to keep in touch. He died a few year ago.

Lately I find myself thinking of all the lovely things we did together, from raiding his penny jar, to being amazed at his knowledge of chocolate plants in the dene next door.

I do have another set of ex foster parents who are now wonderful grandparents to my daughters, but as a single parent, I miss the whole aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents a lot, especially my darling grandad.

No idea why I'm posting, just wanted to off load I guess as I'm feeling particularly sad tonight blush

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