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Need a change!

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user1475435847 Sun 02-Oct-16 20:33:18

Need someone to talk to!! Seems like all my friends don't understand my situation. I have two children one five and a two year old. My son has Autism he is getting better as he gets older but is still non-verbal. I feel like I have so much to deal with being a full time mum. My husband is round but he is no help at all! I wish I could just pick up my stuff and leave this country. I have had enough of everything, I feel I need a change, but its impossible.

flapjackfairy Sun 02-Oct-16 20:49:23

I have a grown up son with aspergers and two others with special needs . It is hard work and living with an autistic child can be especially
hard. You dont seem to have much support . No wonder you want to run away . Anyone would!

Are there any support groups you can join ? Talking with other parents in the same situation was a lifeline for me. There are helplines etc online if you are unable to get out .

It is important to look after yourself. Is there anyone who could babysit to enable you to get out and do something for yourself.?

Why is your husband not helping out? He needs to support you practically and emotionally. Does he truly understand how you feel?
Dont know how to advise you on that one other than to say that some men try to stick their heads in the sand in the hope it will all go away. I know my husband did at first

I so wish i could offer better advice . Hope it helps to know others understand how hard it is. Stay strong and really hope you find some help and support. Sending virtual hugs

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