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stupid ass mates or rather ex mates!

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dawnc27 Wed 28-Sep-16 21:21:21

right, i had a friend for the past 4 years, never been anyone closer to me probs not even he hubby. we told each other everything, quite often did something together nearly every day inc some weekends, i lend her money basically every week and had he kids over often etc.
now we went away for the night with the lil ones and had to share a bed, i couldnt sleep so when she had fallen asleep i went ad sat outside for an hour n had a fag n cuppa. i then went to the loo n got in bed, she got up about 10 mins later and went to sleep in room saying she felt too closed in in the bedroom.
got up next morn n she was a bit quite but said shee was tired. we didnt chat much the next few days but was normal when we did so thought no more of it.
few days later she asked if id paid something she had sent money for, told her again that it would be paid later that day when i got home as didnt have acc num on me like id told her. i went home that aft and paid it like promised and went to bed with a migraine and i turned off my phone and ipad so it wouldnt disturb me. when i woke the next day had quite a few messages from her, ranging from normal and happy to finally quite irate.
still wasnt feeling too good so sent her a message saying it had been done like id said and i had gone to bed ill, later that night she told me she didnt think we should be friends anymore, just greetings nothing more so asked why.
i was told i had talked in my sleep and said something that suggested i wanted to be more than friends. now we did have a few drunken kisses right at the start but our friendship moved way past that but remained flirty and jokey but it was innocent, as far as i was concerned she was my best mate and sister. when asked she wouldnt elaborate what i was to have said or even let me tell her that ive never sleep talked or the fact i wasnt even in the bed when she says it happened.

fast forward to 6 weeks later ad we are still at this point, she wont talk to me or even look at me. its killing me to see the kids at school everyday, especially the youngest as ive been there since he was born. i did try t say hello this morn n i thought it went ok, wasnt over friendly or chatty and upon going seperate was she said see ya later so i thought they may be some small chance still, until this aft when she messages to stay stay away from her and not to give her a birthday pressie the kids had got her

pissed off shes bein a twat towards the kids n pissed off that she still gets to me ffs, yes i get we wont ever be mates again but why be a c**t about it???

HappyJanuary Thu 29-Sep-16 06:13:01

It sounds like she wants to go nc, so I think you have to respect that.

Maybe you spoke in your sleep, maybe sharing a bed with you brought about feelings she doesn't want to acknowledge.

It isn't normal for married people to share drunken kisses or flirt with their friends. I suspect she has realised that.

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