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What should I Do?????

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user1474867475 Mon 26-Sep-16 07:09:34

Maybe a little long so apologies. I'm new here but after reading some threads thought..what the hell, give it a go. I met a man at the beginning of the year, we had a rocky start (I know alot will say not a good start) but I think this was mainly due to previous relationships and poor communication on both sides.
We have both talked about this and worked at improving the situation, working through issues, complications together and we are, for the most part very happy. Our sex life is great and we have so much fun together. We talk about our feelings and how much we feel for eachother a lot so I'm absolutely confident we are on the same page. We have met eachothers children, families and friends and all is good. We have our issues, we are both in our early 40's, so there are personality traits/baggage that crop up but we know we want to be together so we make it work.
Basically we live in different towns, I don't drive although he does. We are at different stages in our lifes. My ds is grown up and his is very young. He works weekends I don't. His ds stays with him for best part of the working/school week and while my ds is off doing his own thing I do have responsibilities at home which make it difficult for me to just go to his home/town adhoc. We try very hard to meet as often as possible but realistically it does seem that we only see eachother /have quality time Fri - Sun (and this is punctuated by him working) We both make the effort to make our time as special as possible and we text lots when not together. The issue is tbh this just isn't enough for me anymore. The pattern of our relationship is becoming predictable and really I feel single for most of the week. I think this causes insecurity on both our parts. We have spoken about living together one day, we have said we will talk about it more seriously next year but this scares me. I feel like, because of our situations our only option to have anything other than a 'weekend thing' is to live together and this wasn't something I really ever wanted to do again. I love this man very much and will be heartbroken if it ends but I'm just thinking would it be better to end it now rather than later down the line. I spend half my week missing him and three days trying to cram so much into the little time we have together that we are often tired and stressed. I'm so confused.

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